Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Fox Cosmetics Brow Mapping 101 class!

    • Welcome to Brow Mapping and Natural Brow Design!
    • Little House Keeping and how to get assessed
    • How to use this course
  • 2

    Skin and Hair Anatomy

    • Skin and Hair Anatomy
    • Hair Growth
  • 3

    Consultation and Contraindications

    • Consulting for success!
    • Contraindications
  • 4

    Brow and Facial Structure

    • Brow and Facial Structure
    • Face Shapes
    • Face shape Guide
  • 5

    Brow Butter and Goddess Brows

    • How to use Fox Cosmetics Brow Butters and Goddess Brows
  • 6

    Video Demonstrations

    • Mapping with Brent Derepas
    • Mapping with Mandy Jeffery
    • Mapping over faded Cosmetic Tattoo
  • 7

    Congratulations! It's now time for your case studies!

    • Congrats! What to do next?
    • Intake Form
    • Waiver Form

Online Class and Assessment only

Grab your instant access to our online Brow mapping and design class!

Grab a mapping kit with your class!

Add on 1 x each shade of Goddess Brows Pencils, 1 x Light Brown Fox Cosmetics Brow Butter with Angled Brush, Mapping Pencil, Pre-inked mapping thread, Tweezer Duo, Brow Calipers and Spring Scissors