Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Brow Artistry
    • Course Content
    • Little House Keeping and how to get assessed
  • 2

    Infection Control

    • Infection Control
  • 3

    Skin and Hair Anatomy

    • Skin Anatomy
    • Hair Anatomy
  • 4

    Brow and Facial Structure

    • Brow Mapping
    • Eye and Face Shapes
    • Facial Maturity
    • Mapping Beginners
    • Face shape Guide
  • 5

    Consultation and Contraindications

    • Consulting and contraindications
    • Consulting for Success!
  • 6

    Brow Mapping Videos

    • Mapping with Brent Derepas
    • Mapping with Mandy Jeffery
    • Mapping over faded Cosmetic Tattoo
  • 7

    Chemicals and You!

    • Basic Chemicals in brow and lash colours and what they do
  • 8

    Pre-Colouring Considerations

    • Colour Wheel
  • 9

    How to retail without selling

    • How to use Brow Butters
    • How to use Goddess Brows Precision Pencils
    • How to use Brow Tamer
    • How to use Longevity Serum
    • What's in the Goo and what does it do?
  • 10

    Brow Henna

    • Henna Wash

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Meet your instructor

Mandy Jeffery

Mandy Jeffery


Mandy has been a Beauty Therapist for over 22 years, salon owner for over 20 years and has always had a love for brows, lashes and the skin. In 2014 she hosted an international brow and lash training which totally changed her career. From this training, Mandy discovered her love for sharing knowledge and a desire to create change in the industry starting with advanced brow classes featuring Henna and introducing international trainers to the Australian industry to raise our skillset with not only natural brows and lashes but cosmetic tattoo as well. Mandy launched her first Brow Henna Group Class in 2016 and has now taught these classes all over Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and Sweeden and has created the first online Brow Henna Course in 2017. Her knowledge is constantly evolving and she undertakes advanced skin, lash and brow design classes every year, even ending up in India in 2018 to learn more about henna and its traditions, which led to the creation of her own brow line Fox Cosmetics to fill the void in the industry for brow specific lines that are user friendly, for not only the consumer but the artist as well. She was co-creator of the first-ever lash conference in Australia in 2016 - Lash Gala and has spoken at lash events including Lash Vision in Melbourne 2016, Lash Con in Perth 2017 and is a co-creator of Lash Bash Gold Coast 2017/2018 and Lash Bash Hamilton Island 2018. Mandy is the owner and creator of Beaute Lab and Fox Cosmetics and loves to educate and share her knowledge and is known for her down to earth and slightly quirky ways of dealing with customers and life in general.

The Feedback you have been looking for

  • Mandy is so amazing at what she does, explains things so well and such a beautiful person. Very experienced in the beauty industry. Amazing customer service. Highly recommend. Beck, Melbourne I’m beyond excited to be part of the Fox family, after upgrading to Fox, I am loving the amazing results with the Henna colour !! I’m really grateful for the online training that comes with the Kit , learnt some new tricks & with implementing those I’m achieving amazing colours & skin stain. My results are fantastic. The course is so informative and easy to follow and it’s always nice to go back to demonstration videos to just confirm you understand the technique! Thank you Fox you’ve been a game-changer for me in my business. Nicole - NSW

  • Mandy is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things brows and henna. I have been lucky to experience both online and in person training and can 1000% say that they were fantastic investments for myself and my business. Mandy is so passionate about teaching others and she is there for you all the way, wanting you to be proud of the amazing brows you will create and also have more in depth knowledge about the skin and the hair itself. I love Fox Cosmetics products, the branding, the ethics just everything about it and I will forever be proud to be part of the Fox family Niki - NZ

  • The best henna products and comprehensive training in our industry. We trained with Mandy in Henna education for our 10 salons nationally. If you want to increase profitability, up skill and inspire your salon therapists to achieve business and personal training goals, Mandy and her team are THE go-to experts in Henna Internationally. Chernae Silk - @thebrowbarofficial The Brow Bar

  • Mandy is so down to earth, from the moment she introduced herself and started our course, within minutes I felt like I had known her for ages, her bubbly personality, vibrant positive vibes. She was incredibly knowledgeable and shared her experiences within the beauty industry. Mandys method of teaching and her enthusiasm for teaching is infectious and I got so much out of my training from her. I'm very pleased with the henna course, it suited my needs and exceeded my expectations. All aspects of this course were delivered efficiently. Great new skills to add to my existing skills as a beauty therapist. With Mandy's experience and passion and her knowledge and positive support at all times, have made this one of my best learning experiences to date. Would highly recommend. Lynlee

  • Finding myself new to the Lash & Brow industry and doing courses that left me feeling like I needed more information before I could dare touch I client , I searched again and came across the Gorgeous Ms Mandy Jeffery ... From the moment you meet her you just know you're going to learn so much & she did not let me down. My training with her was all things Henna. Not only did I leave feeling like I could Henna clients immediately, but she also taught me so much more and continued to do so through her Henna Brow industry Facebook page with constant encouragement. She genuinely is one of the nicest, easiest, genuine knowledgeable trainers I’ve had who (I’ve had some doozies) Highly recommend Mandy for any training!! Nicole - Sydney

  • I had been following Mandy's amazing brow work for a while and was obsessed with the henna transformations. When I found out she was running an online masterclass I'm 99% sure I was the first person to sign up. I thoroughly enjoyed the online class and had sneakily mentioned a few times that Mandy should jump across the ditch and hold training over here in New Zealand. When she said it was happening I was over the moon and there was no way I was going to miss out on getting the in-person training to help with everything I had learnt online. Mandy's teaching abilities and personality are all-around amazing. Mandy is very passionate about the industry and you can see that during her training and she wants her students to go out into the world feeling confident to be able to give people amazing brows. She catered to each person there, from those who don't have a lot of brow design skills and those who are more advance. Every single person there learnt something, even myself I walked away feeling way more confident to be able to offer brow henna services. Mandy explained everything in detail and was completely honest in what people can expect with henna so they were then able to have that knowledge to give their clients realistic expectations. I would 1000% recommend Mandy's training to anyone who has been thinking about wanting to offer brow henna. You'll learn heaps and have a good laugh while doing so and after training Mandy is always there to give you support. Nicole Clarke - Christchurch NZ

What goodies are included in my training?

Beaute Labs Brow Artistry class is for anyone new to the industry or if you are looking to re-fresh and update your skills.

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the skin and hair (and facial maturity - what to do as our clients age!)

  • Natural Brow Design - including mapping!

  • Brow Henna Design

  • Brow and Lash Tinting

  • Waxing with Strip and Hot Wax

  • How to fill-in brows

  • Brow Lamination

  • Retail Sales Training

  • In-depth Client Consultation

  • Private Facebook Support Group

Bonus just for you!

Because we like to set you up for success we have included some extra special things for you!

  • Fox Cosmetics Brow Henna Kit

    Over $500 Value

    Everything you need to start performing henna services! 1 x each of the 10 colours, 1 x Longevity Serum, 1 x Brow Prep, 1 x Lash and Brow Cleanser, 1 x Pack Disposable Brushes, 1 x Pack Lip Gloss Applicators, 1 x Pack Microswabs, 4 x Sterile Water

  • Fox Cosmetics Brow Mapping Kit

    Over $250 value

    Start designing brows today! 1 x Brow Calipers, 1 x Pre-Inked Mapping Thread, 1 x Brow Scissors, 1 x Brow Tweezer Duo - Slanted and Pointed Tweezers, 1 x Mapping Pencil, 1 x each of the Goddess Brows Precision Pencils, 1 x Brow Tamer

  • Done for you Social Media

    $1000 value

    That's right! Done for you Social Graphics that you can scatter through your feed - one less job for you!

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